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KPop star Sojin talks about her college course in a TV guesting

By Dianne Sencil | Apr 13, 2017 10:05 PM EDT
Girls Day during the 2017 Dior Addict 'Lacquer Stick' launch.
(Photo : Getty Images/ Han Myung-Gu) Girls Day during the 2017 Dior Addict 'Lacquer Stick' launch.

Girl’s Day leader Sojin has recently opened up about her engineering course during her guesting in the latest installment of the popular game show “1 vs 100”.

The 30-year-old singer and songwriter revealed in the show that it was her father who works in a machine-related field that had inspired her to take engineering in college. In fact, she also shared that she was surprised when she found out that the population of the said course in the school she was in was mostly made up of men.

“I didn't know there will be that many guys so I was startled when I saw that it was all guys. There were about 1,200 students and there were only about 12 girls…They gave me a lot of care. They helped me with my homework and stood in line for me during meals,” shared Sojin as quoted by All KPop.

She continued recalling more of her precious moments with her classmates: “There were also battles for lockers but my guy friends found one for me. When I went to orientation, the guys will be like, 'Bring Park Sojin here'. At the time, I was embarrassed but it's a precious memory now. I appreciate it."

Meanwhile, Sojin’s band Girl’s day has claimed the third spot next to PRISTIN and TWICE in the “Girl Group Brand Reputation Rankings” by the Korea Business Research Institute for the month of April. The group gained a 401.82 percent increase with a total reputation score of 3,442,718 compared to the 686,053in the previous month, Soompi reports.

In the “Boy Group Brand Reputation Rankings”, on the other hand, it was the KPop band BTS which dominated the number one spot with a total score of 7,899,583. Also included in the list are Highlight, EXO, SEVENTEEN, BTOB, NU’EST, BIGBANG, GOT7, WINNER, and SHINee.

Check out Girl’s Day “I’ll Be Yours” MV below:

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