President Trump talks about tax returns, Vladimir Putin on Fox News

By Menahem Zen / 2017.03.22
President Donald Trump speaks on the phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin in the Oval Office of the White House, Jan. 28, 2017 in Washington, DC.

President Trump's interview in "Watter's World" on Saturday was aired Saturday, March 18. He talked about many things, including tax returns, healthcare and Vladimir Putin.

In regard to his healthcare plan, President Trump expressed his confidence during the interview on Fox News, that the new healthcare plan would be better than the Obamacare, which has been left by many insurance companies. He said that if the recent healthcare system is allowed to exist for one more year, it would surely implode.

He also talked about tax reduction to Watters. President Trump explained his planning to reduce corporate and personal income tax significantly. Tax reduction will be one of the major breakthrough in his administration.

"We’re gonna get a big reduction," said President Trump explaining his tax reduction plan. "We’re going from seven to three or four tax brackets and that would be such a pleasure."

His tax reduction is promised to be the biggest tax cut since Reagan, Deadline reported. He also mentioned other thing like calling Russian President Vladimir Putin as tough cookie.

In his comment about Obama, President Trump said that the former president is a nice person, but his people are not. The president also expressed his disregard to Alec Baldwin who made a ridiculous portrayal of him.

Later on, President Trump opened up the facts in the America's economy since he took the office. He told miss Watters that American manufacturing has increased by 61 percent since his inauguration, as well as the stock market that has climbed 16 percent. Other things are the new jobs that have been created since he took the office.

As for now, based on the Gallup polling, American confidence in the economics under President Trump remain strong, instead of his approval ratings this week has dropped to around 40 percent. Watch his full interview with Watters as he explained his economic policy and other things below:

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