Netflix orders new ‘Godless’ series, Taps ‘Logan’ writer for the show

By Cris Valencia / 2017.03.14
US Online Streaming Giant Netflix : Illustration

Streaming giant Netflix has ordered a new series called "Godless" from the writer of the critically acclaimed "Logan," Scott Frank. The series limited series has already begun its production in 2016.

"Godless" is an upcoming Western series that had been originally written as a film. Frank said that the series will be a "reverse adaptation" of his own screenplay, Screen Rant reported.

The limited series will reportedly have six episodes and is expected to make its debut later this year. The series is bannered by "Downtown Abbey" star Michelle Dockery as the female lead, Deadline reported.

The period drama follows a menacing outlaw named Frank Griffin (to be played by Jeff Daniels) who is hunting down Roy Goode (to be played by Jack O'Donnell), a former foe to turned to be his mortal enemy. The story will take both men to a mysterious town made up entirely of women called La Belle, N.M.

Frank said that the series is now in pre-production. He also called the project to be the single best creative experience he had as a writer-director.

"Without question, this is the single best creative experience I've had as a writer-director. The mandate is tell a good story in the best way you can tell it with the best cast possible," he said.

Frank has been one of Hollywood's top screenwriters known for critically acclaimed films such as "Minority Report," "Out of Sight," and "Get Shorty." Aside from "Godless," he is also set to make his debut as a novelist in his first novel, "Shaker."

Speaking of his novel, the plot a bit familiar to the premise of the upcoming series. "Shaker" reportedly tells the story of a disgraced cop, a gang member and a hitman drawn together by a massive Los Angeles earthquake. The three smart characters reportedly give a rich insight into the dangerous world of crime ring. For more details, watch the clip below:

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