Zion.T shares reason why he looks up to BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

By diana / 2017.02.01
Hip hop singer Zion.T performs during the Fan Screening of "Star Trek Beyond" in Korea.

Hip hop and R&B singer Zion.T is never embarrassed to show his admiration towards G-Dragon. In fact, he recently revealed how the BIGBANG idol has helped him for his newest album "OO."

 The 27-year-old artist said G-Dragon has lent a hand for the creation of his song "Complex." "It may sound stereotypical, but he's a person that you can learn a lot from," Zion.T said as per Allkpop.

He added, "A majority of my interest lies in music and production. Jiyong hyung (G-Dragon) has done a lot of that, and he has become a help to many people. My admiration for him has really grown."

Zion.T continued by saying that G-Dragon is one of the seniors that he looks up to in terms of musicality. He also revealed asking to develop a closer bond to the BIGBANG member.

"I texted him last night and told him that we should get closer from now on, and he replied that we should get drinks since it's now a new year," Zion.T shared.

After a year of being on a hiatus, Zion.T finally made his comeback with the release of his first album under his newest agency, Black Label. Despite taking a break for a long time, the hip hop singer made sure to return with scene-stealing surprise for his fans.

According to Korea Times, Zion.T's fans were delighted to hear him sing the OST of "Goblin." Likewise, the singer has been staying at the spot of several music charts for his song "OO."

When asked about how his departure from Amoeba Culture affected his musical style, Zion.T said the decision to change his label has not effect in his musicality; however, the hip hop singer hopes to improve more under Black Label.

The idol added his "OO" album is all about his feelings and thoughts, adding that he will continue to work on the completeness of his music now that he is back in the industry.  

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