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Jun Ji Hyun tries to comfort Lee Min Ho on current stills for 'The Legend of the Blue Sea'

By Staff Writer | Jan 19, 2017 03:27 AM EST
With the 'Legend Of The Blue Sea' coming to an end, would it be a happy ending?
(Photo : Photo by Viki Global TV/Youtube) With the 'Legend Of The Blue Sea' coming to an end, would it be a happy ending?

"The Legend of the Blue Sea" has been a huge hit ever since it started its premiere in South Korea. Fans have been eager to see any recent updates and news regarding the show. And with all the revelations that viewers have been seeing in the previous episodes, they are asking: what could be the perfect finale for the show?

Last Three Episodes Left For 'The Legend Of The Blue Sea', What To Expect From Its Ending?

According to Soompi, there are only three episodes left in the show but it still teases its fans through giving stills for the upcoming episode. Just recently, it posted a picture showing the two hugging each other in front of a parlor. Fans became wild as they saw their favorite characters Shim Chung and Heo Joon Jae showing their affection with each other.

In the concluded episode of "The Legend of the Blue Sea", Joon Jae was spotted rushing to go home as he receives a message coming from Chairman Heo, his father. Too late, his father already passed not giving him any chance to talk to him personally. The character played by Lee Min Ho is speculating that his stepmother is the main reason why his father died. Min Ho believes that Hwang Shin Hae's character just wants to get their inheritance, and anything that would keep her from doing that should go away.

It was remembered that Heo accused Joon Jae of being a con after knowing that he was being a con artist as well. The chairman realized he was wrong and contacted Joon Jae immediately. He left a voice message for him, but by the time that Jae got it, it was too late.

Shim Chung Showed Support For Heo Joon Jae, Stills Show The Two Hugging Each Other

With all the disappointments that happened to Joon Jae, Shim Chung gave out her best in comforting the character. Sources believed that the two would let viewers realized the true meaning of love. With this, fans are eagerly asking would the two stay together or would they bid goodbye to each other towards the end?

According to Viki, with its last three episodes, the show would be finally showing its finale on Jan. 1, 2017.

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