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'The Legend of the Blue Sea' episode 18 spoilers: Would Joon Jae, Shim Cheong last forever?

By Stephen Tapulao | Jan 17, 2017 10:39 PM EST
"Legend Of The Blue Sea" spoilers and news update, series not a happy ending?
(Photo : Photo by claire anderson/Youtube) "Legend Of The Blue Sea" spoilers and news update, series not a happy ending?

"The Legend Of The Blue Se"a is a real-success when fans from all over the world can't get over with what's happening per episode, But with all this, producers of the show assured fans that many twists, turns and revelations would still come their way. However, will its Episode 18 feature the separation of Heo Joon Jae and Shim Cheong for good?

'The Legend Of The Blue Sea' Episode 18 News Update: Is Heo Joon Jae Finally Waving Goodbye To Shim Cheong?

According to Gosh! TV, fans are feeling all the thrill and excitement as the Korean series reveals one surprise after another. As the fantasy drama is coming to an end, avid viewers are asking if the relationship of the silver-tailed mermaid and her conman boyfriend would end happily or vice versa.

The hit Korean drama only has three episodes left but spoilers admitted that there are still developments that fans should watch out for. Reports told that there are hints that spread in the online community as to how "The Legend of the Blue Sea" would end. Previous episodes also made an impact to everyone as it takes a staggering 20 percent in viewership ratings, as per Korean Herald.

'The Legend Of The Blue Sea' Features Sad Ending? Is It A "No" For Heo Joon Jae And Shim Cheong

Sources also admitted that there are great reasons why Joon Jae and Cheong would not be ending up together. On the latest previews, it was believed that Jun Ji Hyun's character removed Ma Dae-Young's memories. As memories began to unfold, it would also be revealed that the real person who wants to kill the mermad is Heo Chi-Hyun, the stepbrother of Joon Jae.

One factor to consider as well is the lies of the conman to the mermaid about their past lives and who they really are. Cheong would also realize that the only way for Joon Jae to be saved is to keep a great distance from him. Would they be saying goodbye to each other?

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