The bitter truth behind why EXID's Hani will never undergo plastic surgery

By Maria A. / 2017.01.16
EXID member Hani during the SBS 'Law of the Jungle in Nicaragua' press conference.

Plastic surgery is a common topic of debate among K-Pop circles. While some artists openly admit to having gone under the knife, some are hesitant about cosmetic surgery.  Due to her beautiful facial structure, EXID's Hani has been accused of having undergone plastic surgery but the singer has consistently shut down the rumors.

On JTBC's "Knowing Bros," Hani revealed that reason why she shuns plastic surgery, Koreaboo reported. The "Up & Down" singer explained that it has something to do with what her mother told her in the past. The hosts started guessing what Hani's mother said. After several answers, it was Kang Ho Dong who gave the correct answer: "Do you think you'll turn in to Kim Tae Hee if you do?"  

Kim Tae Hee is one of the female South Korean celebrities who haven't had surgery to enhance or improve their features. Kim's boyfriend, singer Rain who was also on the show, thought of the same answer as Kang Ho Dong.

Despite denying rumors, Hani still gets hit by accusations that she had her nose done or that she's obsessed with plastic surgery.

According to Soompi, in a July 2016 broadcast of MBC's "Section TV" a panel of reporters revealed how Hani went through drastic measures just to prove that the plastic surgery rumors are false.

She gave a copy of a CT scan of her face. ZE:A's Kwanghee, who has a history of plastic surgery, explained that such becomes evident if a CT scan shows abnormal white lines on the bone structure. Hani's CT scan didn't have such abnormality, therefore she hasn't had anything done. She also shared photos from her childhood, showing similarities from her looks then and now.

Meanwhile, there are reports saying that EXID will be staging a comeback sometime this January or in the early part of 2017. No comeback date and details have been revealed so far.

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