This Netflix retro game lets players channel ‘Stranger Things’ character and escape from Demogorgon

By May Pangan / 2017.01.11
Jump and outrun the Demogorgon in Netflix's new game

Netflix's original series "Stranger Things" gets its own video game. Similar to the setting of the show, the game is quite an old school.

Players will be Mike, one of the main characters of the hit sci-fi series. Mike has to outrun Demogorgon and survive each level where obstacles appear randomly. Just don't get caught and the game will be over.

In the show, the said demonic monster was nicknamed Demogorgon, taken from "Dungeons & Dragons." Mike even has a figure of it. He used it against one of the campaigns against his friends. When he and his friends learned about the monster's existence, they named it Demogorgon.

The game can be played for free from Netflix's website Flix Arcade. The browser-based game only requires using the space bar for the character to keep running. Press it once to jump and twice to super jump.

The Netflix Infinite Runner does not end with Mike's adventure. Other than Mike Wheeler, players can also choose among Narcos' Pablo Escobar, Marco Polo, and Orange is the New Black's Piper Chapman to be their playable characters.

In the "Narcos" level, players have to run through the jungles of Colombia. Then in "Orange is the New Black," players need to avoid flying lunch trays and deadly plastic drinking cups. Many fans find the addition of "Marco Polo" odd because the show was already canceled in December.

The game has received mix reviews, some fans of the hit shows are willing to try them while some claiming that they don't need a game as basic as the Infinite Runner. According to Engadget, Netflix confirmed that Infinite Runner is their original game but it is currently only being promoted on its Spanish and Indian social media accounts.

Netflix has not confirmed if this is just one of their planned original games and there is more to come. The 8-bit retro game was created by The Glitch in Mumbai, India, Adweek has learned.

In their LinkedIn account, The Glitch was labeled as a marketing and advertising agency that already worked with some of the biggest brands in India. Take a look at the game below:

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