Samsung ranked #2 among top 10 companies with most patents in 2016, Apple lands #11 spot

By Shane Olga Ocampo / 2017.01.09
Samsung ranked #2 among top 10 companies with most patents in 2016, Apple lands #11 spot

In the past few years, Samsung and Apple have already been feuding over their patents as both sides claim that the technology used in their products have been infringed. While the verdict on both companies' ongoing legal battles lie in the hands of the jury, it appears that this patent feud will still continue in the years to come.

According to the data researched by IFI CLAIMS Patent Services, Samsung ranked as the #2 company that filed the most patents in 2016. Apple on the other hand, did not even make the top 10 list as it landed on the #11 spot.

Per GSM Arena, this data can be interpreted that Samsung had filed 15 patents per day. This is not surprising news as the South Korean company has a bigger product catalog including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and home appliances.

Apple was only able to file a total of 2102 patents (11/day). Also not surprising news because they wanted to focus more on their key products. In 2016, it was pretty obvious that the Cupertino-based company was doing just that when not much upgrades have been integrated to their line of iPad products.

The company is always patient, taking their time to work on a new product before unveiling it before the public's eye. This is mostly evident when they launched the hotly-awaited iPhone 7 alongside the debut of the airpods. Although both products receive mixed reviews, 2016 proved to be a better year for Apple than Samsung.

As the tech world settles into another year, it will be interesting to see how Samsung and Apple continue their reign as the world's top competing tech giants. Whether or not consumers have already forgotten the string of mishaps that the former have inflicted to their customers from last year is yet to be determined.

The other companies that made the top 10 list include IBM, Qualcomm, Google, Intel, LG, Microsoft, TSMC and Sony.

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