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‘One Punch Man’ chapter 70 recap, spoilers; Saitama loses to Suiryu?

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | Dec 27, 2016 04:49 AM EST
'One Punch Man' OVA Page
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The latest chapter of "One Punch Man" offers an initial glimpse of the upcoming battle between Saitama and Suiryu. Although it's basically a filler before an explosive episode, it does offer some light background between characters who are about to show some powerful attacks in the future chapters.

Chapter 70 Recap

Chapter 70 of the extremely popular superhero/comedy series "One Punch Man" is now available online through Manga Stream. Suiryu and Saitama finally meet and even though the announcer signaled the start of the fight, both fighters just sized up each other. Suiryu launched a barrage of kicks only to stop short of hitting Saitama who remarked that his wig nearly came off.

Both fighters also revealed their true intentions of fighting. While both are after the prize money, Suiryu confirmed with Saitama that both of them are just looking for someone strong enough to challenge them. Saitama promised to bring out his best after Suiryu promised to show the true power of martial arts.

Chapter 71 Predictions/Spoilers

Reddit comments on the latest chapter noticed the focus on Saitama on his wig - a big, big condition on what could happen next. This could be bad news for those who root for Saitama to win the tournament. Suiryu ends up winning the prize money.

Saitama's power will most likely get him a fair amount of advantage over Suiryu and it will be immediately apparent after his initial attack. Unfortunately, Saitama could lose the match even if he went full power and defeat Suiryu with a single punch. He could still lose his wig and reveal his true identity.

Hopefully, the upcoming chapters will feature powerful attacks of Suiryu but with some funny banter from Saitama. Although he's known as Charanko in the tournament, anyone who follows powerful hero will immediately realize his fake wig.

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