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'Hunter X Hunter' Chapter 361 news & updates: Series resume uncertain; 'Sailor Moon' artist Naoko Takeuchi to replace Yoshihiro Togashi [VIDEO]

By Angel0417 | Oct 14, 2016 12:20 PM EDT
Hunter X Hunter' Chapter 361 News
(Photo : Instagram/hunter_x_hunter_x_hunter) Hunter X Hunter' Chapter 361 News

"Hunter X Hunter" fanatics are still waiting in vain for its chapter 361 with no idea if there will such, as Yoshihiro Togashi's health condition seems to not improve. Rumors say that he will be replaced by another manga artist, take over his work and finalize what was left with his work. His wife, Naoko Takeuchi will continue his legacy with "Hunter X Hunter."

It could be remembered that ''Hunter X Hunter'' lapsed several times in the past and was on hold in 2014 only to resume in April 2015. The last episode titled "Parasite" was even accepted to be the last of the sequel. With the present unspecified break which is happening right now, rumors surface that manga publisher, Shueisha, will be left with no option but to employ new writers as well as illustrators to keep up with the project, according to iTech Post.

"At this time, it is not certain when we will be able to resume the series," Shueisha added.

As a matter of fact, some statements claim that the publisher already employed Togashi's substitute but Togashi himself is not satisfied with the output. Therefore, the project was on hold again. It might be that his ideals are too high for the writers. It will surely be a tough find for his replacement. Nevertheless, rumors emerge that his wife, Takeuchi will be the one to replace him and continue his work.

BREATHEcast noted that Takeuchi is a manga artist herself and is reported sketching the background patterns and illustrations for the manga "Hunter X Hunter." She was the person responsible for the "Sailor Moon" series.

According to some reports, producers tend to nearly cancel the third season of the chapter 361 series leaving fans with no information about the manga and release date of the anime. The storyline should have featured the "Dark Continent Arc."

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