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‘One Punch Man’ chapter 74.2 recap, spoilers; Saitama arrives to fight Bakuzan

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | May 13, 2017 10:08 PM EDT
Saitama facing Bakuzan in 'One Punch Man'
(Photo : Screenshot: Youtube/Durzo Blint) Saitama facing Bakuzan in 'One Punch Man'

The extremely popular manga series "One Punch Man" continues with the great Saitama finally making himself known to a monster. He will now face a powerful monster although he will just be another gateway for another showdown with an immensely powerful villain.

Chapter 74.2 Recap

The latest edition of "One Punch Man" could be read online for a limited time in Manga Stream. The chapter focuses on the dire condition of Suiryu as he is clearly defeated by Bakuzan. Even with his best efforts, he cannot land significant damage to the new monster.

Seeing that everyone around him is also defeated, he shouts out for help - to no avail. Bakuzan mocked him that his cries are for nothing because every hero is already busy with something else and the chance of any hero in the stadium is very slim.

The monster was about to stomp Snek with his giant feet but was quickly swept up by none other than the great Saitama. When asked who he is, he immediately declared that he is a hero and he is actually a bit late because it him some time to change his clothing. The chapter ends with Saitama facing Bakuzan for another fight.

Saitama vs. Bakuzan - Not Even a Fight

The manga is currently riding on a good streak thanks to a good pace of story-telling according the many readers in Reddit. Suiryu's undoing and feeling of helplessness only increase the need for a hero to present himself as a savior for the martial artist and everyone around him.t

Saitama's declaration, "I am a hero" is already a far cry compared to his early statements that he is "a hero for fun." Saitama is now getting serious and he's going to face a relatively easy enemy in the next chapter. He'll most likely tease the monster first before giving him the death blow so he could immediately fight Gouketsu.

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