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‘Boruto: The Next Generations’ chapter 12 recap, spoilers; Shojoji’s ultimate plan revealed!

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | May 08, 2017 05:01 AM EDT
Boruto demonstrates his ninja skills in 'Boruto: The Next Generations' chapter 12
(Photo : Screenshot: Youtube/UzumakiAnime) Boruto demonstrates his ninja skills in 'Boruto: The Next Generations' chapter 12

The latest chapter of "Boruto: The Next Generation" is a relatively simple story of the Hokage's son. But the final moments of the manga series offer a glimpse of something big and dangerous not only for Boruto but also for Konoha.

Chapter 12 Recap

The latest chapter of "Boruto: The Next Generations" is already available for reading through Manga Stream. Naruto's son is in charge of protecting Tentou and even though there's a slight conflict in their initial meeting, they finally bonded. The daimyo's son connected to Boruto as soon as he realizes that the rich kid is also seeking his father's attention.

The chapter ended with Tentou and Boruto enjoying their time together. However, a sinister group is lurking with a dangerous plan: Mujina Bandits has infiltrated the daimyo's inner circle by replacing Tentou's butler with Shojoji.

The Mujina Bandits made their brief appearance in the world of Naruto when they tried and failed to rob the Hidden Leaf's bank. Although a relatively powerful group of renegade ninjas, they were defeated by Team Konohamaru.

Shojoji's Plan in Destroying Konoha

According to Reddit comments on the latest chapter, Shojoji has the capability to replicate corpses including their voices and even memories. This means the next powerful enemy of Konoha is literally in their midst without them noticing anything.

Shojoji's use of Tentou's butler could set off a big event in the upcoming chapters of the manga. Initially, they are just rouge ninja bandits who want to steal something. However, they are currently targeting the daimyo's son for kidnapping.

But they are not just there to demand money from the rich and powerful daimyo. The presence of an enemy within the daimyo's inner circle will put everyone - especially Konoha at risk. While the current manga focuses on Boruto, it will take more than just the Hokage's son to deal with this type of enemy.

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