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‘Tokyo Ghoul:re’ chapter 123 recap, spoilers; Kaneki faces Urie, Mutsuki’s sealed fate

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | May 10, 2017 09:28 AM EDT
Mutsuki surprises Kaneki at the cafe in 'Tokyo Ghoul:re' chapter 123
(Photo : Screenshot: Youtube/Anime 1) Mutsuki surprises Kaneki at the cafe in 'Tokyo Ghoul:re' chapter 123

Chapter 123 of "Tokyo Ghoul:re" is an action-packed update on how Kaneki deals with his past. Although some in CCG sympathizes with the powerful ghoul, he is not safe - including everyone around him.

Chapter 123 Recap

The horror-action manga series "Tokyo Ghoul:re" continues in Manga Stream. The chapter starts with Touka's best friend in High School Kosaka looking at a wedding dress in a store. The manga then continues with Mutsuki finding Kaneki in the coffee shop as they are about to leave.

After initial pleading with Kaneki to go back as an investigator, it turns out that Mutsuki is out to get him. Using a blade to inject a suppressor, the head of Black Goat is helpless against a powerful CCG investigator. The investigator also came with Aura who made a surprise attack when Kaneki was thrown out of the café.

Inside, Touka faced Mutsuki head-on. Although she has trouble landing her shots, she was able to release her kagune with significant damage to her enemy. The chapter ends with the ghoul investigator holding a severed hand of Kosaka while informing Touka that her best friend is getting married.

Chapter 124 Predictions/Spoilers

The upcoming chapter is highly anticipated after the shocking end of the latest edition. Kosaka's condition is still unknown but showing her severed hand to her best friend crosses the line for investigators. Urie learning about Mutsuki's plot could also lead him to the café and another confrontation with Kaneki.

On the other hand, the Reddit comments latest chapter also focuses on Mutsuki's latest action and Kaneki's situation. Even though Kaneki cannot release his kagune, he is also known for his combat skills and this could be the downfall of Aura. It's even possible that Urie will not show up alone because he suspects something is just not right with his CCG comrade.

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