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EXO’s Suho travels in time to meet lover Kang Sora in 'Curtain' MV

By Faye | Feb 03, 2017 10:46 AM EST
EXO's Suho and Kang Sora in "Curtain" MV, a collaboration between Suho and pianist Song Young Joo.
(Photo : Youtube/SMTown) EXO's Suho and Kang Sora in "Curtain" MV, a collaboration between Suho and pianist Song Young Joo.

EXO's Suho draws the "Curtain" for SM STATION, with the song and MV released today at midnight KST.

A heartfelt romantic ballad, "Curtain" is a collaboration between Suho and jazz pianist Song Young Joo, as per Soompi. In the MV, Suho's character plays a man who travels through time to see his beloved (played by actress Kang Sora) again. The dark, lush background lends to a melancholic atmosphere in "Curtain," which is fitting given the song talks about a missing loved one.

"Curtain" debuted in top 50 in the digital music charts; with #1 at Genie, #3 at Mnet, #9 at olleh, #11 at Melon, #21 at Naver, #25 at Bugs, #50 at Monkey and last but not the least, #50 at Soribada. Given the stiff competition in the charts right now with Zion.T and Red Velvet's comeback along with the longevity of the OST for "Goblin," the single has done quite well.

Fellow EXO member Sehun also showed his support for Suho by posting "Curtain" in Instagram, with the caption "You who I see through the curtain." EXO-Ls are already drawing support for the song by raising more points and awareness through hashtags, streaming and the use of the Gaon chart app. 

Suho's fans can expect more from the singer as he is currently starring in the three-episode web series "The Universe's Star." Another solo single from EXO's leader will be released from the drama's OST, titled "The First Moment," although the release date is yet to be determined.

While "Curtain" is the final single for SM STATION, the digital music channel will be back for another season, Billboard reported. Suho might get another chance to have a new solo single with SM STATION's second season.

Watch the MV of "Curtain" starring Suho and Kang Sora here:

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