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Ji Chang Wook wants to regulate lifestyle while in military; Actor plans to get laser eye surgery before enlistment?

By diana | Feb 02, 2017 11:52 PM EST
Korean actor Ji Chang Wook makes his movie debut with "Fabricated City" showing on February 9.
(Photo : YouTube/Ji Chang Wook Kitchen) Korean actor Ji Chang Wook makes his movie debut with "Fabricated City" showing on February 9.

Ji Chang Wook expressed his determination to be enlisted this year in a recent interview. In fact, the actor is considering to undergo laser eye surgery (or lasik) to improve his rank.

The 29-year-old Korean actor admitted he has been spending his time preparing for his military duties. "When I took my physical exam, I got a third class rank for active duty due to my poor vision," Ji Chang Wook said as per Soompi.

He went on, "If I get lasik surgery and retaking the test, I think I would most likely receive a first class rank. I want to experience a regulated lifestyle in the military and recharge as I rest (from dramas and films)."

Despite his passion for acting, Ji Chang Wook said "going to the military is a must" and even encouraged others to serve their duties as Korean citizens. Aside from gearing up for his enlistment, the actor is currently promoting his newest project, titled "Fabricated City."

The upcoming movie marks Ji Chang Wook's first lead on the big screen; hence, the actor admitted he is unaware of how things work to make a movie successful. "What I do know is that I don't lack confidence," he said.

Ji Chang Wook added that while he may lack in some ways, the actor said his role in "Fabricated City" is advantageous to him since viewers will see a different his different side without setting any expectations.

According to Allkpop, Ji Chang Wook previously shared how dedicated he is to his acting career. He said that acting has helped him express his emotions, specifically when he is feeling hurt or burdened.

"There are a lot of times when I feel painful, but I experience catharsis when I agree in tone with another actor and stand on stage. I'm also always sincere when acting," he said.

Catch Ji Chang Wook's "Fabricated City" starting Feb. 9 in cinemas.

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