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Haha opens up about health injuries from ‘Running Man,’ ‘Infinity Challenge’

By Faye | Jan 09, 2017 03:36 AM EST
Haha greets fans for the 2014 Allkpop Awards.
(Photo : Youtube/Allkpop) Haha greets fans for the 2014 Allkpop Awards.

TV personality Haha made a surprising revelation when he disclosed he had to get surgery for his spinal disc after being on shows such as SBS's "Running Man" and MBC's "Infinity Challenge".

Haha discloses the serious injuries that the other cast members of "Running Man" have also experienced, as per Allkpop. In an interview with MBC's "Human Documentary", Haha reveals that National MC Yoo Jae Suk suffers from problems with his fingers, ankle, neck and back. He also sprained his ankle one time during the course of the show. Gary has problems with his shoulders, and he also tore one of his ligaments in his hand, which meant he couldn't hold a bowl of patbingsoo properly.

In Haha's case, his 7th spinal disk was ruptured and he thought his doctor was exaggerating when he claimed that Haha was almost paralyzed already. He adds that as entertainers, their goal is to make things look fun, which is why their injuries are edited out of the show. But in the process of completing the urban action variety missions that "Running Man" is famous for, Haha says that most cast members are similar to athletes in how they use their bodies. They do not get the right time they need to recover properly, which is a serious cause of concern.

Haha also talks about his jam-packed filming schedule with "Running Man" taking up his Mondays and Tuesdays, JTBC's street busking show "As I Say" on Wednesdays and "Infinity Challenge" on Thursdays. More often than not, filming for "Infinity Challenge" takes up more than just a day.

But despite the risk to his health, Haha also reveals his gratefulness for the cast and writers of the variety shows, according to Soompi. He knows how much preparation it takes for the production staff to film the show and tell the cast members on what they're going to do. Haha adds that he has a lot more confidence after doing "Infinity Challenge" while learning about humility at the same time.

At the end, Haha shows his appreciation for everyone by saying that he and all the cast members in "Infinity Challenge" shine the brightest when they're all together.

To find out more about Haha's injuries from "Running Man", watch the video here:

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