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Nintendo NES mini classic hack; modders add games to popular console

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | Jan 08, 2017 02:02 PM EST
Nintendo Classic Mini NES
(Photo : Screenshot/arstechnica.co.uk) Nintendo Classic Mini NES

The Nintendo NES mini console has been a huge hit since its initial release although it only comes with 30 of their most popular titles. But hackers have found a way to expand the library to 60 and it doesn't even require some extensive hacking tools to get more out of the popular gaming console.

No Screwdrivers Required

Hacking Nintendo's hardware sounds like a very big challenge because it will practically change how the console would behave. But according to CNET, the process is relatively simple that the device doesn't need to be opened. It will require some setup on the console itself and some software that will help transfer the games to the console.

Although the software that will allow games to be transferred to the mini console is free and legal, it should be noted that the ROMs or games downloaded from the internet without any prior copies is considered illegal. However, there are games made for NES that are considered open-source. Hacking the console also means the downloaded applications could contain some malware.

Pushing Beyond 60 Games

Two teams of hackers reported of the capability: hackers from Japan and Russia. While Japan has reportedly expanded the games separately from Russia, Japanese modders have also reported to hack the console so it could read SD cards according to Digital Trends.

The multiple reports of hacking may sound bad for Nintendo but it has proven one thing: underneath the mini console is a powerful hardware capable of doing a lot of things aside from playing 30 classic games for NES. It is even possible that the hardware capability of the classic mini means Nintendo has bigger plans for the console. They could actually offer a version with more than 60 games or even extend their library for the next gen console.

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