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'Fairy Tail' chapter 516; Wendy's dragon power revealed, Erza vs. Wendy!

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | Jan 08, 2017 02:15 PM EST
These are some of the characters of "Fairy Tail" headed by Natsu and Lucy.
(Photo : FUNimation/Hiro Mashima) These are some of the characters of "Fairy Tail" headed by Natsu and Lucy.

The latest chapter of Hiro Mashima's 'Fairy Tail' unravels the current status of Natsu as revealed by dragon Igneel. On the other hand, Erza may have found victory against Eileen but at a devastating cost.

Chapter 516 Recap

The latest chapter of "Fairy Tail" is already available for reading online in Manga Stream. The latest chapter is divided into two parts: the story of Natsu and the situation of Erza. But even though they are in separate states, their stories are still intertwined and their actions will determine the fate of the guild and their life.

Natsu, in his deep slumber, continues to talk to various personalities. In this chapter, he is talking to Igneel and the dragon revealed that he suppressed their transformation into dragons by getting inside their body. However, Natsu also learned that his Dragon seed is trying to fuse with his Demon seed which could mean death.

On the other hand, Erza also revealed the same truth about the Dragon seed to Eileen which made her even angrier knowing that her situation could have been stopped. With the help of Wendy, Erza managed to deal great damage to Eileen but the wizard chose to transfer her body to a compatible Wendy.

Chapter 517 Predictions/Spoilers

Unfortunately, reactions on Manga Helpers were largely negative due to Eileen's decision to simply transfer her consciousness to Wendy. But it will present a bigger opportunity for Erza to gather all her powers to fight Eileen inside Wendy's body. Erza will have no choice but to fight Wendy while finding a way to bringing out and defeat Eileen once and for all.

On the other hand, Natsu is in somber state right now after learning the truth. But he'll most likely find a way to survive his situation. Igneel could provide some additional information on how he could prevent the fuse of seeds in his body.

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