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Ji Chang Wook dating ‘The K2’ co-star YoonA?; Actor speaks up to address rumors

By diana | Dec 01, 2016 10:54 PM EST
"The K2" actors YoonA and Ji Chang Wook playing before the camera rolls.
(Photo : YouTube/Vicky Zeng) "The K2" actors YoonA and Ji Chang Wook playing before the camera rolls.

After sharing the small screen for "The K2," Ji Chang Wook and YoonA's chemistry continued even after the drama series concluded. In fact, rumors claimed the two actors are dating, hence, Ji has decided to break his silence to address the issue.

According to Allkpop, Ji was not surprised upon learning about the dating rumors linking him to his "The K2" on-screen partner. However, the actor cleared out he is not seeing YoonA in real life.

"The dating rumors involving YoonA are not true. I just worked hard and, again, a lot of people came to misunderstand this time. So I thought, "Again?" and just laughed," Ji said in an interview.

The actor also said he has talked about the dating rumors with YoonA, who also thought the suspicions were laughable. Ji thought rumors like this arise when the actors did a great job in portraying their character.

However, "The K2" actor said the downside of good acting is when the audience misunderstood your professionalism into something personal. He even reiterated that there is nothing going on between him and YoonA contrary to what rumors would claim.

"I think that's what happened again this time. There isn't anything special between YoonA and me. It'll be perfect to describe us as close oppa-dongsaeng," Ji clarified.

Previously, Ji shared how she became closer to YoonA for "The K2." The actor said they had to become comfortable with each immediately since the first scene they recorded for the drama series was a kiss scene, Soompi cited.

Ji revealed they had no idea they were going to record the final scene before anything else, sharing that they were only informed upon their arrival in Barcelona.

After both actors were briefed about the intimate scene, Ji and YoonA spent time together to talk about "The K2" and even their personal lives. Since then, the two artists became closer to each other.

Watch Ji Chang Wook and YoonA's kiss scene on "The K2."

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