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‘The K2’ star Ji Chang Wook says filming an action-packed drama is not easy

By diana | Nov 21, 2016 05:21 AM EST
"The K2" actor Ji Chang Wook appears on Arirang's "Showbiz Korea."
(Photo : YouTube/Arirang K-Pop) "The K2" actor Ji Chang Wook appears on Arirang's "Showbiz Korea."

In a recent interview to talk about his acting career and previous projects, actor Ji Chang Wook shared what it was like filming for his recently concluded political drama "The K2."

"The K2" aired its final episode on Nov. 12, recording a viewership of 5.5 percent. The political drama starred Ji alongside Song Yoon Ah, Im Yoon Ah and Jo Sung Ha. The drama series revolves around the story of Ji's character, Kim Je Ha, who has worked as a soldier called "K2."

Describing his experience on "The K2," Ji said it was not easy for him to take part in an action-packed drama series. "I was pressed for time and had to cut out some of the repetitive action scenes of the original script that might have appeared to be boring," Ji said as per Korea Times.

The actor added he tried to show various moves, however, a limited time and space made it even more difficult.

Aside from doing difficult stunts, Ji was also challenged to do a nude scene while fighting with several bodyguards inside a bathhouse, Soompi cited. He even branded the controversial scene as the most memorable one on "The K2."

However, Ji revealed he initially worried about his figure and even told the director that staying in shape might be difficult for him. "I had to exercise every day and control what I ate. As filming progressed, it became hard to do both," he said.

Ji admitted that he was nervous, knowing that he would be fighting against more or less 10 men without any clothes on. Nonetheless, the actor was satisfied on the outcome, describing the experience as "unusual and unconventional."

Watch Ji Chang Wook's controversial scene on "The K2."

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