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Girls’ Generation’s YoonA reveals something about her kiss scenes with Ji Chang Wook on ‘The K2’

By diana | Nov 23, 2016 11:38 PM EST
Girls' Generation member YoonA in attendance during a press conference for "Love Rain" drama.
(Photo : Getty Images/Chung Sung Jun) Girls' Generation member YoonA in attendance during a press conference for "Love Rain" drama.

Talking about her recently ended drama "The K2," YoonA shared how she got closer to her co-star Ji Chang Wook while filming the series.

According to Allkpop, the Girls' Generation member narrated her first meeting with Ji in Spain, stating that both of them struggled to get to know each other. However, YoonA described the actor as a good leader.

Upon observing YoonA and Ji's awkwardness, "The K2" director asked the two actors to be comfortable with each other since they are going to film kiss scenes for the Korean drama.

"Our director said, "Hurry and become friends since you guys have to shoot a kiss scene soon." So we talked and got to know each other. Because we had the same goal in mind, after the scene, we became much closer," YoonA said.

YoonA played as Anna on "The K2," while Ji took the role of Kim Je Ha or K2 in the political drama. Sharing her experience while filming the tvN drama, the Girls' Generation member revealed her on-screen partner has helped her during the process.

"He helped me a lot to create Anna. Whatever acting I did, he would say, "Do as you like." He helped with the detailed acting," she added.

YoonA also said her participation on "The K2" has changed her views on acting, stating that people usually see her as a Girls' Generation member who turned actress, Soompi cited.

Given that, the singer-actress even thought of changing her image but has always been afraid of how the fans would take it. YoonA admitted she does not feel completely free until now, however, the Girls' Generation member has decided not to worry about what other people's perception of her.

"I decided to tell myself that I wouldn't worry about them and just look within myself. Isn't it the actor's job to try different and diverse roles?" YoonA said.

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