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Girls Generation’s YoonA gets praises from ‘The K2’ co-star Song Yoon Ah

By diana | Sep 21, 2016 01:43 AM EDT
Girls Generation member YoonA in attendance during the Louis Vuitton Exhibition in Japan.
(Photo : Getty Images/Christopher Jue) Girls Generation member YoonA in attendance during the Louis Vuitton Exhibition in Japan.

Girls Generation member YoonA has been getting a lot of good feedbacks for her role on "The K2" even before the drama premieres on Sept. 23. During a press conference, her co-star Song Yoon Ah revealed a few things about the singer-actress.

"In the drama, my filming with YoonA is short. From now on, there'll be more filming, and I [for the drama character] have to trouble her. I hope YoonA understands that my mind is not really like that," Song said as quoted by Allkpop.

Song will play as the wife of a presidential hopeful on "The K2," while YoonA takes the role of an illegitimate daughter of the same presidential candidate who will be portrayed by Jo Sung Ha.

The 43-year-old actress also revealed she is a fan of YoonA and Girls Generation, recalling that she used to dance with the girl group when she was hosting a film awarding years ago.

"I practiced with them, and out of excitement, I even told the staff, "YoonA is so pretty. YoonA's eyes are so bright like a deer." At the time, she was such a pretty, pure, clean girl, and the way she looked up and called me "Unnie" made me fall in love," Song reminisced.

Meanwhile, the Girls Generation member shrugged when asked about the prejudices of being a singer and actress at the same time. "I don't particularly stress over those prejudices.  There was a period long ago when I felt burdened by [the prejudice] and struggled because of it, but I think I've become liberated from that to a certain extent," YoonA said as per Soompi.

She revealed that she was worried during the earlier stage of the filming for "The K2," however, her co-stars Song and Ji Chang Wook as well as their director made her overcome these fears.

Watch out for YoonA and the rest of the cast of "The K2" starting Sept. 23 on tvN at 20:00 KST.

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