The reason why PlayStation 4 is an attractive place for cockroaches according to repairmen

By Menahem Zen / 2017.04.19
A man plays on a Playstation 4 at Madrid Games Week in IFEMA on Nov. 9, 2013 in Madrid, Spain.

Many PS4 owners are baffled to find their game consoles have been damaged by cockroaches, but there is a reason why roaches are attracted to the PS4. Game console repairmen explained what makes roaches are attracted to the PS4.

Repairmen from the repair shop in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, XCubicle have understood the problem that often occurs in the PS4, as reported by Kotaku. The cockroaches often infested the PS4 console, and the problem is so common that the repair shop charges a specific problem as "roaches fee" for $25.

Cockroaches are also infested other game console such as Xbox, but PS4s are more attractive to roaches. Repairmen in the XCubicle shop said that they get the roaches problem in PS4 at least once a week. There is some design in PS4 that accommodate roaches to make a nest inside the game console more than Xbox and other game consoles.

PS4 have an internal power supply, which makes its internal compartment a nice and cozy place for cockroaches to lay eggs. When the eggs are hatched, the little roaches that roamed free can get fried by the power supply. As a result, PS4 will be unable to be turned on.

As Sony refuses to handle such problems, many console repairmen reap the benefits for fixing the PS4. Moreover, PS4 is the best selling game console as reported by Ars Technica. In the worldwide sales, PS4 has been sold for 55 million units, while Xbox is half of that with 26 million units.

Another repairman from the renown repair service site iFixit, told that most users who came to fix their PS4 don't know that roaches have made their consoles as the nest. However, roaches leave a trace that has certain smell. The repair shop usually replaces the power supply, clean and sterilize the internal part and re-assemble the console.

Watch the explanation from one of the repairman regarding the PS4 and cockroaches below:

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