Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett Pays Tribute To ‘Playboy’ Magazine Founder Hugh Hefner As He Celebrates Life At The Age Of 91

By Daniela Lozano / 2017.04.14
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The founder of "Playboy" magazine, Hugh Hefner recently celebrated his 91st birthday and despite allegations on having been sick, sources claimed that he is in fact very healthy. Furthermore, former girlfriend and companion Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett paid tribute to his birthday as she greeted him with such a loving message via social media.

It can be recalled that Wilkinson-Baskett fond fame back in the early 2000 when she starred in the E! reality series entitled "Girls Next Door." Back then, she was also living with Hefner in the "Playboy Mansion" to which brought her a lot of joy that she has acknowledged up until now, even though she is already happily married.

Thus, during Hefner's birthday, Entertainment News Online reported that Wilkinson-Baskett posted a photo of her with him with the message "Happy birthday Hef!! Thank you for EVERYTHING. People might not understand you but that's because they've never had the chance to know you like I do. I'll celebrate you forever!!!"

According to Hefner's son, Cooper Hefner, his father is simply enjoying his life in the mansion, hence why he is not going out. His father has finally stepped back from dealing with the business day to day, and unlike before, he has opted to enjoy being at peace with himself. Even though people have though that his health is not good at all, they continue to deny these allegations and claim that he is completely happy and healthy.

Long Room reported how Wilkinson-Baskett paid tribute to a man she will never forget. In a different interview a few months earlier, she exclaimed how she and Hefner are in so much good terms with one another.

Despite reports that the "Playboy" founder is struggling with his health given the old age, Wilkinson-Baskett said otherwise and described him as a very healthy man. There have been rumors that things are happening, but they are reportedly not true.

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