Girl’s Day’s Hyeri shares story of her kiss scene with Park Bo Gum in ‘Reply 1988’

By diana / 2017.03.26
Park Bo Gum (L) and Hyeri's (R) kiss scene in 'Reply 1988.'

Singer-turned-actress Hyeri graced the Mar. 25 episode of JTBC's "Ask Us Antything" where she shared a few things about herself and her experience as an actress.

Despite her good looks, the Girl's Day member revealed she is often branded as "Big Nose" because of its size. In fact, Hyeri admitted her "big nose" became a problem when she had to film a kiss scene with Park Bo Gum in "Reply 1988."

"It's actually hard for me to kiss because of how big my nose is," she told the MCs as per Soompi.

The idol continued, "When I was filming a kiss scene with Park Bo Gum, my nose got in the way and we had to film the scene again because of that. He was really flustered because of it."

In a previous interview, Hyeri admitted she felt nervous and shy while filming the intimate scene with her good friend. Although the kiss scene in "Reply 1988" came out well, the idol-turned-actress said they had a lot of retakes because of the tension between her and Park Bo Gum.

"It was our first kiss [in the drama] so we had no idea what to do. Park Bo Gum led the first kiss because it was supposed to be a warm and romantic first kiss, but we ended up bumping noses instead," she said.

Meanwhile, Hyeri and the rest of Girl's Day are set to make a comeback on Monday, Mar. 27, with a mini-album, titled "Everyday_5." Aside from their return, Hyeri has been confirmed for a movie project.

Allkpop reported Hyeri's agency confirmed the idol is set to star in "Water Monster," a film directed by Heo Jong Ho. Dream Tea Entertainment, however, clarified that the Girl's Day member will prioritize her promotions with the group before she could start filming for the movie.

Hyeri will share the big screen with actor Kim Myung Min in the upcoming movie "Water Monster." Stay tuned for more updates!

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