'Mass Effect: Andromeda' Game Review: 'Andromeda' is the worst title of the series

By Clyde Morgan / 2017.03.21
Mass Effect Andromeda

A few minutes after the release of the latest "Mass Effect: Andromeda," several fans went off to the nearest store and bought the game and played the game as they are all excited. Game reviews have been posted on the internet, and it seems that Andromeda is falling compared to the previous titles.

According the Polygon, the game kicks off with an almost movie-like intro, where players would actually need to undergo the tutorials. Apart from that, players will be engaged immediately on the character relationships that seems to be not useful in the early game. The game looks so boring as players will have to finish the chit-chat and will not be seen the traditional fire-fight at the beginning of the game.

The report also added that most of the weakest parts can be seen as a very front-loaded. "Mass Effect: Andromeda" is described to be littered with some veiled touch of Mass Effect tradition that are poorly implemented. The in-game inventory system is a failure for the fourth time as several fans said, packed with tons of weapons and armors with the new Tier system, sorting and segregating has been always the problem.

In a report by The Forbes, a game critic once said that the "Mass Effect: Andromeda" is an outdated game. It has been said that the latest game sequel cannot resist of doing the same thing with the exact issues over and over.

The review said that the game is cannot standout as it contains a massive amount of dizzying content, but the quality fluctuates wildly. The game world may seem to shine for the "Mass Effect Andromeda," but it is not nearly enough to compensate the weakness of the game.

"Mass Effect: Andromeda" seem to stay with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 for several years, but it may not reach the achievements of the games like Horizon; Zero Dawn and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. BioWare needs to step outside and face the reality that the "Mass Effect: Andromeda" is an old, broken and boring in most of the time as several game critics and players said.

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