NBA Rumors: Derrick Rose looks at Milwaukee Bucks, Minnesota Timberwolves as best options in free agency

By / 2017.03.13
Derrick Rose

The New York Knicks are unlikely to make the playoffs this season and are looking ahead. But is Derrick Rose still a part of that vision?

The former NBA Most Valuable Player came to the Knicks in a trade and somehow gave some hope for a livid fan base that has had more controversies than actual wins. While he has not exactly regained his MVP form, he was also not a disappointment considering the tempered expectations surrounding his tenure.

The biggest challenge for Rose has been to keep himself on the court and for the better part of this season, he has managed to do that. Now, the NY Daily News reports that it could bring Rose a big payday.

You don't think Rose is getting paid? Check out the contract Chandler Parsons received last summer. Or Tyler Johnson," Frank Isola challenged.

"This is the new NBA, where even the marginal and unproven players strike it rich," he declared.

The biggest criticism against Rose is his inability to hit the three-point shot. He only attempted 58 treys the whole season. Nowadays, even some centers are attempting more than that. But Rose explained that he concentrated on being healthy and he could work on his three-pointer, probably in the summer.

"Like I said, I'm building my game throughout my career now, where early on in the season I'm driving and I'm waiting to shoot the three ball," Rose said. "By me not shooting the three doesn't mean I can't adapt to the game. I still can find a way."

The Milwaukee Bucks have recently emerged as a possible candidate for his services, as ESPN reported.

"Rose is a huge fan of Bucks coach Jason Kidd, which is another reason why he might want to sign with Milwaukee in July if he doesn't stay with the Knicks." The proximity of Milwaukee to his hometown Chicago is also a factor.

"I watched him even in college -- my family is a basketball family," Rose said. "We're all basketball heads."

Speaking of coaches that he likes, former Bulls mentor Tom Thibodeau is reportedly shopping for a point guard. The Minnesota Timberwolves have money to spend and it's not unlikely for Thibs and Rose to reunite.

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