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Why did Kim Kardashian get a new hairdo?; What has it got to do with Paris Hilton?

By Natalie Anderson | Feb 21, 2017 04:36 AM EST
The image features Kim Kardashian.
(Photo : Snapchat account of Kim Kardashian) The image features Kim Kardashian.

Kim Kardashian prepares for the 36th birthday of Paris Hilton by sporting a platinum blonde bob hair. Kardashian has snapped some videos and photos in Snapchat and shared to her followers.

Hilton has released photos of her 21st birthday including with the famous momager Kris Jenner. Hilton also posted a photo of her with Victoria Beckham.

Jenner posted a picture of her and Hilton as well. Furthermore, Jenner mentioned that she was there when Hilton was born.

Kardashian and Hilton have been friends for many years. Actually, they have been frienemies.

However, in the past years they were actually okay and there have not been any issues between them. They are not seeing a lot now though because of their busy schedules.  Hilton has actually had already a pre-birthday celebration last Thursday which was organized alongside her sister Nicky Hilton, according to E! News.

History of the friendship between Hilton and Kardashian

Hilton and Kardashian have actually known each other since they were kids. A fact is, Kardashian used to clean the closet of Hilton.

The two then were actually close when the Hilton sex tape came out, prior to the launching of her hit reality series "The Simple Life". Kardashian has even got the perks and has been photographed with Hilton when the paparazzi where chasing for the latter. It seems that both has something in common as Kardashian also had her own sex video leaked prior to the release of her own "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".

So the two were cool before but it went sour in August 2009. It is the time when people have started searching online for Kardashian instead of Hilton.

Hilton has uttered not so nice things about Kardashian. Hilton said that she does not want to be the butt of Kardashian because it is disgusting.

Back in 2011, in a "Good Morning America" interview, when Hilton was asked about Kardashian, Hilton obviously got pissed. And when Hilton was asked about having her spotlight taken away from her, she walked out, ABC News reported. When Kardashian was asked about her reaction, she just laughed.

Hilton now works as a DJ. And Kardashian is still to date the leading reality star of the time.

See Kim Kardashian's new look below:

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