Kim Min Jae describes ‘Goblin’ co-actor Gong Yoo as ‘perfect’

By diana / 2017.02.11
Young actor Kim Min Jae (R) playing as Wang Yeo in "Goblin."

Kim Min Jae recalled his experience as Wang Yeo in "Goblin" during his talk with "Tenasia" magazine. In fact, the young actor even revealed what it felt like sharing the small screen with Gong Yoo.

Koreaboo cited Kim Min Jae has been dreaming to be casted in historical dramas. Hence, the 20-year-old actor said is just grateful to fulfill that dream through "Goblin."

"It was fun and interesting experiencing this kind of role and things I normally wouldn't have the chance to," he said during the interview.

The young actor continued, "Speaking using the tones from the past and dressing up, I felt like an actual person from history. I think that's the most fun about acting in historical dramas."

When asked about working with Gong Yoo, Kim Min Jae has nothing but praises towards the senior actor whom he described as "perfect." Considering his experience, the young actor admitted he had to be cautious while acting with the "Goblin" himself.

Kim Min Jae added he tried so hard not to make any mistakes while recording with the senior actor. "Gong Yoo does everything well. He's sexy and handsome but can also do cute. He's just perfect."

Despite his admiration towards the co-actor, Kim Min Jae said he had to control himself from seeing Gong Yoo as an actor. "Since I'm the king, I thought that if I am overpowered, I wouldn't be a king [anymore]," he said as per Soompi.

Referring to his encounter with Gong Yoo in the first episode of "Goblin," Kim Min Jae revealed he had to focus his mind on his unfaltering character in order to dominate the scene.

Aside from his role on tvN's "Goblin," the young actor simultaneously appeared on "Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim," where he played as a nurse of Doldam Hospital. Both dramas ended with high ratings last month.

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