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New study suggests Samsung customers are willing to trust the company again even after the controversial Galaxy Note 7 catching fire

By Alicia Carlton | Jan 29, 2017 01:36 AM EST
2016 IFA Consumer Electronics Trade Fair
(Photo : Carsten Koall/Getty Images) Visitors visit the stand of Samsung to watch the Galaxy Note 7 at the 2016 IFA consumer electronics trade fair on September 2, 2016 in Berlin, Germany.

A new study made by Creative Strategies suggests that Samsung consumers are forgiving and a bit forgetful of the company's mishap for releasing a phone that catches fire. This study was done late in 2016 but was just resurfacing the web on Jan. 25.

It has been a controversy if Samsung owners would ever trust the company again to buy their new products. Apparently, the answer is yes. Based on Recode's report, Creative Strategies wanted to see the impact that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has for consumers after the whole issue of it exploding and catching fire.

The results showed that there were only 28% of Android users in America who might probably not trust another Samsung product anymore. People who used to own a Note 7 were not even really that bothered about the whole issue that happened with the unit. This is enough proof that most American consumers are quick to forgive of the company's mishap.

Industry experts found it interesting how consumers react towards companies having a recall of their products. It is not only the mobile companies who do this but even car companies as well. The odd part was that despite the recalls, people still choose to buy their products as if not threatened of the possible consequences.

What made Samsung Note 7 even more controversial is that its users didn't even want to send back their phones when the recall was announced. They got so attached to it even when Samsung already reported the posed danger of owners keeping it. This is the very reason why Samsung and telephone companies were even more aggressive in getting the phones out of their customers.

Phone Arena reported that Samsung is about to release a new model, which is the Note 8. The company is very positive about it and experts are saying that people would still buy it.

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