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Raspberry Pi foundation partners with Google for additional development

By Ryan Dawn Umadhay | Jan 26, 2017 06:43 AM EST
Raspberry Pi card sized computer
(Photo : Screenshot: Youtube/Android Authority) Raspberry Pi card sized computer

Raspberry Pi has found one powerful partner to further boost its popularity and functionality in Google. The search giant is also looking at the popular card sized computer for its AI development.

Raspberry Pi and Google Partnership

Google is improving its ties with Raspberry Pi Foundation that would further boost the functionality of the card sized computers in the near future. According Wired UK, Google should offer significant offering this year although no specific projects were named.

There are two possible developments Google could offer to DIY enthusiasts: a fully customizable Android or set of tools for faster development. Android on Raspberry Pi offers the possibility to reach billions of gadgets worldwide not to mention the extensive list of applications it could use. On the other hand, a set of tools means easier customization and even Artificial Intelligence.

Google's interest with Raspberry Pi is also cemented by the fact that the search giant directly asked the developing community on what they want. GSM Arena reported that Google sent out a survey which contains questions on developers' priority for the card sized computer. The survey is supposed to inform google which tools they should work on first to aid the Raspberry Pi.

Increasing User Base

Raspberry Pi is one of the most popular card sized computer today as it has sold more than 10 million devices to date. It is a known favorite among DIY enthusiasts because the device can be easily customized for various purposes such as basic computers or powering up machines for specific actions.

The company lately released PIXEL - a Linux based operating system that offers full desktop functionality for its devices. Because it's based on a popular OS, Raspberry Pi also created versions for PC and Mac. The OS only requires 512MB of RAM which means it could bring life back to old computers.

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