Sony to release second generation of E-ink watches; Allows user to customize color and design

By Riezel / 2017.01.10
Sony's FES Watch first gen is the first wearable design to employ electronic paper, a genre of display technology that is composed of millions of tiny particles suspended between conductive film.

During the CES 2017 in Las Vegas, USA, Sony revealed their second generation of E-ink watches. Dubbed as FES (Fashion Entertainments) watch, it allows users to select their own pattern and design.

Last year, the Japan based company released its first generation of E-ink watches which is capable in changing its appearance when tapped. Apparently, the release is limited since it was only release in Japan through a crowd funding campaign.

Although their first E-ink watches were only released in Japan, many are still hoping that Sony will level up its game and launched it overseas. Meanwhile, appearance wise, the second generation of E-ink watches won't have any big difference aside that it will be almost paper-thin and will be capable of producing variety of colors and different patterns, Slashgear reported.

The new E-ink watches will cost about $250 USD per piece. It is said that the watches are capable in producing colors including leather brown, blue, and gray.

Aside from that, the new watches are expected to boast impressive battery life, as well as a waterproof designs. Realistically, the updated E-ink watches is still a prototype and the company did not divulged any information regarding watch's actual release date.

Meanwhile, Sony Pictures Television (SPT) Networks Asia got a multi-year, multi-series agreement with FremantleMedia International for the rights to the hit talent show "Asia's Got Talent." SPTN Asia expects to produce a second season of the show in English language, which will be aired across the Asia-Pacific region later this year, Variety reported.

Similar to the first run broadcasted in 2015, the upcoming season will air on Sony's network, AXN, which covers 20 territories. Geographically, it includes territories of India, China, Japan and Korea.

The "Got Talent" franchise is co-produced by Simon Cowell's Syco Entertainment and FremantleMedia International. Although SPTN Asia has not yet settled on a local production company or judges for the show, it is expected to begin soon after several months of talent auditions in cities throughout Asia.

Catch Sony's FES E-ink watch below:

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