U.S. Transportation Department To Require Vehicle-To-Vehicle Communications To Avoid Car Accidents

By Alicia Carlton / 2016.12.17
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A new proposal made by the U.S. Transportation Department requires new cars and trucks to communicate with each other while on the road starting 2021. Officials believe that with the help of Bluetooth and other ways that technology could offer, this project could drastically lessen the number of road accidents and could even revolutionize the way people drive.

Based on the report shared by, vehicle-to-vehicle communications (V2V) has a huge potential to prevent more than 80 percent of vehicular accidents, as cars are able to send their activity towards other vehicles near them. The car's speed and direction are just among the things that they could transmit to other vehicles to induce warning. Incidents like if a car is about to change lane or about to swerve, it would be able to send that message to other cars near it to avoid collision.

Car crashes aren't always due to people driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Most of the time the cause is actually not even related to those. This is why the government is adamant to make this project happen, they have even been working with different carmakers in the country for more than ten years now for this.

As part of the requirements of V2V, cars must speak the same language using a standardized messaging system that the U.S. came up with along with carmakers. Right now, the technology to make it happen is ready for use and carmakers are just waiting for the regulations coming from the Transportation Department.

According to The Register, it is a must that carmakers make sure that their cars are compatible with the V2V to work. Anthony Foxx, U.S. transport secretary, said that his department has found the potential to save lives from car crashes. He is very confident saying that as soon as the proposal gets approved and implemented, then there is no doubt that it will change the way everyone drives.

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