Block B's U-Kwon opens up about his role model in the industry

By Dianne Sencil / 2016.12.14
South Korean boy band Block B during the MBC Music 'Show Champion'.

South Korean artist U-Kwon of the boy group Block B has recently talked about the person in the show business that had inspired him the most during the press conference for the musical “In the Heights” on December 13.

According to the singer, his “In the Heights” co-star Junsu of the boy group JYJ was the one who inspires him the most. He added that he wanted to be the latter someday.

"There's Ock Ju Hyun and Bada sunbaenims, and I think the main male actor is Junsu sunbae. I have a lot of desire to become like him. I think I get motivation because he started off as an idol first," said U-Kwon as quoted by All Kpop.

Aside from talking about his admiration for Junsu, the Block B member also talked about his role and thoughts about his latest acting project. According to him: "I was in my first musical with Dongjun and Sandeul. I think I'm motivated whenever they get into a new musical. I went to go see Sandeul's musical 'Cinderella', and he was really good. It made me think that I wanted to work hard and invite Sandeul to my musical. We're the same age, so I think that's why we support and motivate each other."

Born Kim as Yu Kwon U-Kwon, U-Kwon started his entertainment career in 2011 after joining Block B alongside Tae Il, B-Bomb, JaeHyo, Park Kyung, Zico, and P.O. It has also a sub-group namely BAZTARZ.

The group is known for their songs including "Wanna B” "Jackpot," "Extraordinary Woman," Hold Me Now," and "Very Good”. They have also earned several awards including the “Best Male Group” award from “SBS MTV Best of The Best Awards” new artist.

Check out U-Kwon in Block B's "Toy" MV here.

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