‘Pokémon Sun And Moon’: Evolutions Unleashed

By Natalie Anderson / 2016.10.18
The photo presents Pikachu attending the Milan Games Week 2016 on Oct. 14, 2016 in Milan, Italy.

"Pokémon Sun And Moon" is set to be exclusively released on Nov. 18, 2016 at Nintendo 3DS. Several transformations and evolutions will make Pokemon fanatics more excited.

The trailer of "Pokémon Sun And Moon" has been released and it revealed new surprising details about this game.

The huge surprise according to International Business Times is the transformation of Type: Null into Silvally. This makes the game a lot more interesting. This is based on chimaera from the Greek mythology. This now implicates that Pokemon is an amalgamation or a combination of some sort.

What the evolution into Silvally confirms is that Pokemon could get into different types, just as depending on the items it has acquired once it has evolved.

However, the transformation of Type: Null into Silvally is only possible if Type: Null learns to trust its Trainer. That trust releases it from the mask which is covering the entire head. And the free form is liberated from the contraptions that are causing restrictions.

Being a Synthetic Pokemon, the Type: Null has been given a role of synthesizing the powers of the other Pokemons. But apparently, because of the heavy and burdensome equipments fitted on Type: Null's head, this power is hampered. However, when it has turned into Silvally, now it can unleash its RKS System Ability.

The RKS System is the Ability which lets the somatic cells of Silvally to glow and mutate during its switch into other forms as relying on the equipments used by the Trainer. The Pokemon Company revealed that those items are the reason for Silvally's multi-attack capacity which also transforms as per kind of equipment used in implementing the move.

Both Type: Null and Silvally are very important. They are created because they have a purpose, a mission to accomplish. Type: Null is the opponent of Pokemon "Spoken of in mythology". It has been said that Silvally is constructed to "oppose a threat".

Meanwhile, as the trailer showed, Cutiefly evolves into Ribombee. Also, both Bounsweet and Jangmo-o evolve individually, Forbes reported.

After that, then, both Muk and Grimer get Alolan variants. And they would appear trippy. The trailer also oriented the gamers about the new Pokemon trainers which are Ilima and Olivia.

Watch the trailer of "Pokémon Sun And Moon" below:

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