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Givenchy CEO Declare's Singapore As The Best In South East Asia

By diana | Dec 15, 2015 01:33 AM EST

Phillipe Fortunato, the present CEO of luxury brand Givenchy, declared that Singapore is the best market in the South-East Asian region now. The fashion icon claims that the progressive city is out-performing its neighbors in terms of sales. 

Fortunato refused to divulge numbers, but he also added that the shops in China and the US, are the two most profitable in the world, reported Straits Time. The luxury global brand also plans on establishing more stand-alone shops in Australia and some other parts of the world starting in 2016. 

The Singapore branch or Givenchy in Paragon has been refurbished, earlier this year, and doubled its floor space to 3,100 sq.ft. In comparison, the shop at Marina Bay Sands is 2,210 sq. ft. 

Givenchy is establishing more and more stores all around Asia as the continent start rising to become a fashion destination. Earlier this year, the brand opened a concept store in Galaxy Macau inspired by the iconic Givenchy boxes that housed the company's luxurious and fashionable products, according to Live Trading News.

In an unprecedented move, the luxury clothing store has chosen fashion icon and designer, Donatella Versace, as the face of the brand. Fortunato explained that Versace, in this case, is not representing the Italian fashion house, but is referring to the incredible woman herself. 

Former Lanvin chief designer, Alber Elbaz, lauded this collaboration. He told Vogue UK, "We are living in an industry that is always about the next thing: who is the next person? It should be more about collaborating, working together, taking the best of each world."

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