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Tom Ford Brings Back Lips & Boys Mini Lipstick Collection In Time For The Holiday

By diana | Dec 07, 2015 09:24 PM EST

High-end fashion label, Tom Ford, is re-releasing the much-coveted Lips & Body Mini Lipstick Collection as an early holiday treat. The premium lipsticks named after all the men in the designer's life were sold out immediately after its January release last year. 

The North American brand released an addition of 25 new shades in either pearlescent or metallic which brings the collection to a total of 50 lip shades available for US$35 a pop (or US$50 if you want the full-size). The color palettes ranges from the nude pink shades, to soft coral hues, flattering neutrals, to vibrant and vivid violets and reds.

According to Haute Living, the lipsticks are made of soja seed extracts mixed with other moisturizing ingredients such as chamomilla flower oil and Brazillian murumuru butter for a smooth application and promises to keep your puckers kissable all day long. Each shade is also highly pigmented so regardless of its price tag, each color is well worth every buck. 

You'll also have fun guessing which famous person the lippies were named after, and why. A metallic pink shade, for example, is called "Jude" perhaps referring to the two-time Academy Award winner, Jude Law. The collection also includes hues named "Leonardo (Di Caprio?)," "Wes (Anderson?)," "Liam (Hemsworth?)," "Cary Grant?)," "Joaquin (Phoenix?)" and so much more. Of course, a metallic violet shade called "Drake" inspired by the Hotline Bling singer is also included. 

The entire collection is now available from TomFord.com or Tom Ford and makeup boutiques all over the world. The Lip & Boys mini lipstick collection retails for US$1,950 for all 50 shades you can split to give as presents to your friends or keep to yourself. 

But be sure to get your favorite shade - or all of them - soon before it gets sold out!

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