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Japanese Model Rola Gets Recognized by Vogue

By J. Javelosa | Jun 09, 2016 04:37 PM EDT
(Photo : ROLA/Instagram) Japanese model and TV personality ROLA gets profiled by American Vogue.

Italian luxury brand Gucci showcased its Resort 2017 collection last week in London. Attended by A-list celebrities and supermodels, one face stood out among those seated in the front row, and it was none other than Japanese fashion model, Rola.

Being seated on the front row of high-end fashion shows is a big deal in the fashion industry, which is why many wondered who Rola was when she took her place near the runway.

To those curious about the 26-year old model, the American Vogue website published a profile on her, which serves as a prelude to her impending American debut.

According to Vogue, Rola is a young Japanese-Russian-Bengali model and TV personality, who was able to outshine other known stars such as Soko, Chris Lee, and Elle Fanning during Gucci's Westminster Abbey Resort show.

Described as the "coolest new member of the Gucci crew," she was sporting a green and pink dress, looking pretty much a Gucci girl. Apparently, Rola, famous in Japan for her impeccable fashion taste and bubbly personality, is now preparing to make her talents known worldwide.

Rola was discovered when she was a teenager in Shibuya. Not long after, she graced Japanese teen magazines and walked the runways during Tokyo Fashion Week.

Aside from modeling, she has showcased her hosting skills on several game and variety shows. Due to her upbeat personality, she landed lucrative deals and numerous endorsements in Japan.

She is set to make her Hollywood debut in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

As for Rola's fashion, what people love about her is that she's not a snob. Although she has a lot of Balenciaga, Proenza Schouler, Vetements and other high-end pieces, she combines them with H&M boots or pairs them with Stüssy overalls, creating a mix of high and low outfits that cater to everyone's taste and make her incredibly relatable.

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