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LABOUM’s label reacts to hate comments regarding its talent

By Dianne Sencil | May 04, 2017 07:49 PM EDT
KPOp group LABOUM during the launch of their single album 'PETIT MACARON' in Seoul, South Korea.
(Photo : Getty Images/ ilgan Sports) KPOp group LABOUM during the launch of their single album 'PETIT MACARON' in Seoul, South Korea.

South Korean entertainment label Global H Media has recently released its official statement regarding the hate comments from the netizens claiming that LABOUM‘s sudden rise in the music charts is “sajaegi” or manipulated.

According to the agency, the rumors that are circulating and defaming the name of their talent are all made up. The company added that their legal counsel is already preparing to file lawsuits against the netizens and media outlets who are spreading the hate comments and attacking LABOUM through their official SNS account.

“LABOUM's 2nd mini album 'MISS THIS KISS' is definitely not sajaegi. We are currently pursuing a lawsuit against those writing hate comments saying this is sajaegi for spreading false information… We do not want LABOUM's blood and sweat and effort that has been poured into becoming the top girl group all turned into nothing because of the criticism and curses,” a portion of the company’s official statement said as quoted by All KPop.

“We are letting you know that LABOUM won #1 fairly from the high album sales and broadcast points due to the franchise event that used LABOUM as their models, as well as the management's promotions… We ask once again to stop spreading false information and hate comments on sajaegi, and ask you do not harm others by damaging LABOUM's image,” Global H Media concluded.

Meanwhile, LABOUM has recently graced the May 3 episode of SBS Love FM’s “Yoon Hyung Bin and Yang Se Hyung’s Two Man Show”, Soompi reports. During the show, the members shared their thoughts on making it to the top spot of “Music Bank”, defeating Hallyu star IU.

Member Soyeon revealed that winning in the said music show had been an emotional moment for them especially that it was their first time to receive such recognition. Yoojung, on the other hand, added that their CEO will be buying them meat for a job well done.

Check out LABOUM’s “Hwi hwi” MV below:

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