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BTS seeks help from fans for ‘super secret’ show in the U.S.

By diana | Mar 21, 2017 07:56 AM EDT
BTS members pose upon their arrival at the 4th Gaon Chart K-POP Awards.
(Photo : Getty Images/Chung Sung Jun) BTS members pose upon their arrival at the 4th Gaon Chart K-POP Awards.

BTS is calling all ARMYs to help them for an upcoming show in the United States!

The boys recently took to Twitter to announce a project that needs the participation of their fans.

"[Notice] ARMY- BTS needs your questions they can answer for an upcoming TV show in the US, super secret for now. Send to: BTSQandA@gmail.com," the group wrote as per Allkpop.

As expected, ARMYs were quick to comply with the request of BTS as many of them have already submitted their questions to the K-pop boy group. While others have started speculating what's in store for the idols in the foreign state.

"Let it be "American Hustle Life" Season 2, please! We need more interactions with Nate and Tony, and a reunion with all of the teachers," a fan wrote.

The said program is a reality show that featured BTS for eight weeks on Mnet. The K-pop group flew all the way to Los Angeles to experience what it was like to be a rap star in America.

Not only that, the seven members learned the history of American hip-hop culture during their visit. The eight-episode "American Hustle Life" ran from July to September of 2014.

While BTS has decided to keep the details under wraps, most of their fans are just freaking out after learning about the "super secret" announcement. Some of them are even throwing guesses out of the information provided by the group.

Meanwhile, a source affiliated with BTS said the boys will likely miss the "2017 Dream Concert" on June 3 due to time conflicts as per Soompi.

"BTS will be in Japan for their tour when the 2017 Dream Concert begins, so it will be difficult for them to attend," the insider shared.

Reports claimed BTS has been missing the annual event since 2015 because of other commitments.

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