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2PM’s Nichkhun, Chansung lend a helping hand for home makeover on ‘My House Appeared’ [VIDEO]

By diana | Mar 21, 2017 08:57 AM EDT
2PM's Chansung (L) and Nichkhun (R) featured on JTBC's "My House Appeared" to help a lucky family.
(Photo : YouTube/JTBC Entertainment) 2PM's Chansung (L) and Nichkhun (R) featured on JTBC's "My House Appeared" to help a lucky family.

Nichkhun and Chansung turned into gardeners on JTBC's "My House Appeared" where they showed their strength and creativity in putting up a new garden for a lucky family selected for the show.

Koreaboo cited the two 2PM members are the first idols to be featured on the program. Nichkhun and Chansung joined Lee Jung Jin on the Mar. 17 episode of "My House Appeared" wherein they remodeled a house for the chosen family.

In the episode, Chansung and Lee Jung Jin were in-charge of transferring a huge rock in the garden. However, the 2PM idol shamelessly called the actor for help and explained, "We don't consider ourselves beast-dols anymore but it seems like we can't call ourselves beasts either."

While the two were working outside, Nichkhun, on the other hand, showcased his creativity by painting a portrait for the family. After finishing his masterpiece, the Thai-American idol refused to show his work to the camera.

Nonetheless, Chansung and Lee Jung Jin's funny reactions were more than enough to assume that Nichkhun might have failed to achieve his desired artwork.

The 2PM members are currently appearing in a reality program, titled "Wild Beat," wherein the boys stayed in Australia to experience blue collar jobs. According to Allkpop, the six members were spotted working at a zoo on the Mar. 8 episode of the show.

Aside from taking care of the animals, the idols were even tasked to milk a cow, which they deemed as the most difficult part of the job. Nichkhun was the first try and successfully mirrored what was taught to them.

He was followed by Junho who was also quick to pick up the job. After completing their part-time job at the zoo, the 2PM members returned to their flat and played ping-pong by utilizing their some of their kitchen utensils.

Watch the episode below:

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