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2PM cancels ‘6 Nights’ concert series following Jun. K’s accident; JYP to take legal action against rumors and false reports on the incident

By diana | Feb 28, 2017 09:40 PM EST
2PM performs at the K-Pop "Go Crazy" World Tour in New Jersey.
(Photo : Getty Images/Dave Kotinsky) 2PM performs at the K-Pop "Go Crazy" World Tour in New Jersey.

JYP Entertainment has finally decided to cancel the remainder of 2PM's "6 Nights" concert series after what happened to Jun. K on Sunday. Similarly, the label promised to refund the tickets sold for Mar. 3 to 5 shows.

In a statement Tuesday, the agency released an update on the idol's condition after his 9-foot drop over the weekend. As cited by Soompi, JYP Entertainment said Jun. K is currently resting after his surgery for fractured elbow.

The 2PM member reportedly intends to complete the "6 Nights" concert series for the fans. However, the agency insisted to consider Jun. K's health as their top priority.

"We would like to sincerely apologize for bringing such sad news to you all, and we will post an additional notice on refunds," JYP Entertainment said, assuring fans of the idol's speedy recovery.

While many of 2PM's fans were sad to hear about the cancellation, majority of them understood the situation and even thanked the label for their consideration to Jun. K. "I'm glad JYP insisted on his recovery first. Fans have to understand that during incidents like this, health is the top priority," a commenter posted.

On the same day, the label released another statement to warn those who are spreading false information about Jun. K's accident during a "6 Nights" concert. Apparently, there were netizens who claimed to have witnessed the incident blamed the organizers for allegedly failing to secure the safety of the 2PM members.

"We judged that the malicious comments and posts exceed the degree in which we can stay silent as the hearts of many fans, the artist himself, and his family were hurt following the sudden injury," the label said as per Allkpop.

JYP Entertainment added they only intends to protect their artists from attackers who would use the incident as an opportunity to defame 2PM and the label. Netizens, on the other hand, have expressed their different takes on the decision.

Some of them stated the label is going too far with their resolution, while others showed their support to JYP Entertainment for protecting Jun. K and the rest of 2PM.

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