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‘We Got Married’s’ Lee Gook Ju gets involved in an online beef with On Si Woo [VIDEO]

By diana | Mar 20, 2017 04:49 AM EDT
Comedian Lee Gook Ju on MBC's "We Got Married."
(Photo : YouTube/MBC Entertainment) Comedian Lee Gook Ju on MBC's "We Got Married."

Lee Gook Ju recently took to her Instagram account to warn netizens of her plan to take legal action against those who are attacking her through the internet.

The now-deleted post reportedly contained the comedian's rant on netizens who are criticizing her for kissing Sleepy on "We Got Married." Lee Gook Ju fired back with a screenshot of the commenter's post and captioned it with a warning.

"You guys must be really good-looking, huh? Even if you gave me a billion won, I wouldn't [kiss] any of you either. Worry about yourselves before you worry about Sleepy," she wrote as per Soompi.

She continued, "I'm sorry, but I'm taking screenshots of all of these. Don't worry, fans of Sleepy, I won't get hurt, but I won't sit still either. Look forward [to what I do]."

However, On Si Woo has expressed his objection on Lee Gook Ju's stunt against her haters. Koreaboo cited the actor personally left a comment in an article about the comedian's warning.

In the comment, On Si Woo slammed Lee Gook Ju for acting like she did not "sexually harassed" male celebrities in television programs. "Do you feel hurt after being ridiculed in the comments?" he asked the comedian.

On Si Woo added, "I wonder how the male celebrities felt when you sexually harassed them in a public space? You made it impossible for them to even express their anger so they couldn't do anything but bitterly laugh it off."

The actor even said that Lee Gook Ju could have been reported for her acts towards those whom she has offended. On Si Woo ended his rant by telling the comedian that she should be ashamed of herself.

Following his statement, netizens started digging on past incidents where Lee Gook Ju allegedly molested male celebrities during a program appearance. For instance, the netizens recovered a video where the comedian purposely turned her head to kiss Kim Jong Kook on the lips.

Others also found videos of Lee Gook Ju supposedly grabbing the rears of male celebrities. 

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