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GFRIEND talks about dismissing schoolgirl image for new concept in ‘The Awakening’

By diana | Mar 09, 2017 02:43 AM EST
GFRIEND members in the official music video of "Fingertip" under their newest EP "The Awakening."
(Photo : YouTube/여자친구 GFRIEND OFFICIAL ) GFRIEND members in the official music video of "Fingertip" under their newest EP "The Awakening."

GFRIEND members have grown a lot since their debut in 2015. In fact, the girls are now ready to let go of their schoolgirl image and take on a more mature concept for their comeback.

On Mar. 6, the six-member girl group returned with a different image in "Fingertip" under their newest EP, titled "The Awakening." Before they took the stage of "Mnet Present," GFRIEND expressed their excitement for the comeback.

"We can't believe we're now in our third year since debut. It still feels like we're rookies, like it's only been three months," they said as cited by Soompi.

For the official music video of "Fingertip," the GFRIEND members sport an all-black sexy outfit, which is something new for the girl group. Aside from changing their wardrobe, the girls shared they even dyed their hair to look more mature.

Not only our costumes have changed along with that concept, but we dyed our hair for the first time. I felt awkward at first and also excited at the same time," Sowon told Korea Times.

Now that the girls are of legal age, Umji said she wants to grab chicken and beer with her co-members along Han River.

When asked about their drastic change from innocent-looking band to full-grown girl group, Umji said they have become more straightforward now. The GFRIEND member added their roles in singing have been changed for their comeback.

Now that they are finally back, Sowon shared she only dreams of one thing from the fans. Our songs from last year were not hook songs or fast, which means they were not hard to sing along with," she said.

The idol continued, "But they sang along with us from the verses. We would like to see that again as we made our new tracks easier to sing along with."

Watch GFRIEND's newest song "Fingertip" under "The Awakening" album:

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