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Super Junior M’s Henry gives his two scents on Korea’s cosmetic surgery ads

By diana | Feb 01, 2017 11:48 PM EST
Super Junior M's Henry in the official music video of "TRAP."
(Photo : YouTube/SM TOWN) Super Junior M's Henry in the official music video of "TRAP."

Fans are impressed by how Super Junior M's Henry view the widespread of cosmetic surgery advertisements in Korea.

Koreaboo reported Henry's fans claimed the idol has been very vocal about the matter in his previous variety show appearances. However, "Radio Star" was reportedly the first program to show the idol's honest opinion about cosmetic surgery.

As a result, a fan initiated to repost Henry's appearance on the show where he talked about his opposition to promote cosmetic surgery. The Super Junior M reportedly said the prevalence of this kind of advertisements likely promote "unrealistic standard of beauty" rather than upholding self-love.

The idol added these cosmetic surgery advertisements may encourage young Koreans to undergo procedures in order to meet society's expectations. Henry emphasized that he does not oppose cosmetic surgery in general, but rather stated that he is not in favor of promoting the act.

The Super Junior M concluded his statement with a reminder that everyone has unique beauty, asking all the youths to love themselves and be confident.

Henry's stand against cosmetic surgery promotions received mixed response from the netizens. However, most of them agreed and even commended the idol for his courage to speak out.

"His message to the young teens out there is to love themselves and that they shouldn't go under the knife because they are perfect the way they are. Where is the problem?" a netizen commented.

Previously, Super Junior M's Henry admitted he is not after the looks of a person. According to Allkpop, the idol even said he does not have an ideal type. "In the past, I had a specific ideal type but now I want to become an ideal man."

In a previous interview, Henry candidly said he is planning for his marriage. "I'm preparing for marriage. So I need to have a house and save up money," the idol said.

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