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‘Injustice’ 2 release date confirmed; Developers NetherRealm Studios announced the release date via Twitter

By Renwyck Saludares | Jan 08, 2017 07:10 AM EST
Injustice 2 was announced to release this coming 16th of March.
(Photo : PlayStation - YouTube) Injustice 2 was announced to release this coming 16th of March. The announcement was made by the NetherRealm Studios via Twitter post.

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment is set to release the 1st installment of the DC Comics' "Injustice" series. "Injustice" 2 will is a sequel to the successful fighting games created by the NetherRealms Studios, which was awarded the best fighting game of 2012.

According to the Gamespot, "Injustice" 2 was confirmed by the NetherRealm Studio via their Twitter account. The announcement includes the exact release date of the new game and confirmed to be available to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The developer Tweeted the release date which will be on March 16th 2017 as per the creative director of the NetherRealm Studio Ed Boon. There is also another announcement where it shows the Xbox Live Rewards along with the news about the arrival of the new Injustice 2.

The "Injustice" 2 trailer was released last year sometime in August, showing Harley Quinn and Deadshot at the very end of the trailer. This confirms that both of the character will be appearing once again despite several rumors that these villains will be replaced with new characters.

In the "Injustice" 2 trailer, Super Girl can be seen in the video as she will be a new addition to the wide variety of existing characters, Polygon reported. Another new characters set to appear is the Black Manta which also appears in the said trailer video released by Warner Bros.

"Injustice" 2 is a follow up sequel to the Injustice: Gods Among Us. The game features a massive selection of characters combine heroes and villains from the world of DC Comics. It is the first fighting game with an exclusive DC Comics characters, which was compared to the Marvel Vs. Capcom game.

"Injustice" features a solid and high detailed graphics with realistic textures. All the skills and abilities are exhibited of each character are in the game along with some signature dialogs for some instances of the game.

Some character's newly designed costumes are inspired by the film Suicide Squad, which was released last 2016. "Injustice" 2 confirmed that there will be more characters to choose from, new game mechanics, fighting arenas, achievements and more.

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