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Jaye Harkness Explains Process of Getting Hidden Rainbow Hair; Singaporean Blogger Becomes Internet Sensation

By Staff Reporter | Dec 05, 2015 01:07 AM EST
Jaye Harkness
(Photo : YouTube)

A viral video of Jaye Harkness revealing the colorful hair hidden beneath the black bob has given the Singaporean blogger many new followers.

The short video shows Harkness simply running down some fingers through the typical black hair to display a striking array of rainbow colors.

As the 13-second YouTube video received more than 900,000 views in less than two weeks, Harkness was approached by curious, adoring fans on Tumblr, according to Be Asia.

In response to the sudden clamouring by the anonymous Tumblr fans, the Singaporean blogger managed to tell the process in two relatively lengthy posts.

The rainbow style is achieved by having one's hair layered, according to Daily Mail Online. However, Harkness advised people with layered hair to have the top, normal layer to be shorter than the hidden, colorful section in order to have a subtle effect.

In addition, the Singaporean blogger asked a hairdresser for a bleaching process to be done twice so that any existing dye would completely vanish. After getting bleached, the hair becomes sectioned into overlapping, intricate colors that have been delicately picked by Harkness.

The secret rainbow hair is actually a variation of the current hair fad known as the "oil slick" look that is characterized by layers of green, purple and iridescent blue. One obvious difference is that Harkness' colorful hair is hidden and serves as a practical option for people who want the rainbow hair without losing the normal hair color expected at work or school.

Hairdresser Anthony Nader called the style as the "peek-a-boo" hair color and acknowledged Harkness' style as a wonderful choice for people who want top knots since the rainbow colors would slightly be revealed to others.

Likewise, the Singaporean blogger was quick to note that the style was inspired by Instagram user auracolourist.

This year, the internet has witnessed several hair fads such as the laid-back colombre, split-colored hair, oil slick, mermaid locks, shiny tresses, granny hair and just about every pastel shade that could be utilized for one's hair.

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