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Michael Kors Opens His New Store In Beijing; Wants To Be Familiar With The City

By Roma | Nov 26, 2015 02:46 AM EST

Michael Kors commemorated the opening of his new shop inside the luxurious Huamao Shopping Center in Beijing.He also attended the opening of an interactive photo exhibition entitled "Young China" that also featured six new stars in the country, which will be on display from Thursday until Sunday.

The well-known designer is synonymous with high fashion apparel, accessories, and high glamour. He is also part of the billionaire's club after making his brand successful, according to a report made by Business Insider. His new shop in the country is just one of many, but this is the largest boutique in Beijing with 9,000-square-foot of space.

Part of Kors' commitment in expanding his business, the American designer is touring and familiarizing the city and its historical monuments, according to MAGICONLINE.

"I've had too much Peking duck," Michael Kors said while being interviewed inside his new shop. "I don't think it's good for the diet," he continued. He also said about his satisfaction about the food and its specialty, as he has been dining the city's specialty three times since his arrival last weekend.

When asked about his impression of Beijing, he said:  "you can have the Forbidden City at the center of the city...then you can have a hutong [street] and then five minutes away, you could have an enormous new building. It's an interesting mix."

The opening of his new Michael Kors store in Beijing also had some of China's top models including Victoria's Secret Model Ming Xi. Xi was also excited to talk about her experience as an Angel and was happy to discuss her experiences in walking the runway with other popular angels. 

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