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Jin Teok - 50 Years Of Fashion And Love For White

By Roma | Nov 21, 2015 01:42 AM EST
Seoul Fashion Week - Spring/Summer 2005 Collections - Jin Te-Ok
(Photo : Myung-Gu/WireImage) Model wearing Jin Te-Ok during Seoul Fashion Week - Spring/Summer 2005 Collections - Jin Te-Ok at Seoul Trade Exhibition Center in Seoul, South, South Korea.

Pioneering  South Korean designer Jin Teok celebrated her 50 years in the fashion industry at the 2015 Seoul Fashion Week. The show featured a retrospective exhibition of Teok's creations and designer Bakangchi's runway show.

To mark her influence and great contribution as a fashion designer, the 82 year old designer was given an exhibit named,  "Anthology: Jin Teok, Creation of 50 Years". The exhibit showcased her creations and career highlights and was featured during Seoul Fashion Week at Dongdaemun Design Plaza.

In a report made by the Korea Joongang Daily, the news agency reported Jinteok's humble beginnings, her infatuation with designing, and her love for white as she saw her brother wore a white shirt. "There was something alluring about the way my brother's shirt shined against the sunlight permeating the changhoji," she said. "How that shirt looked transparent and delicate, almost as if it would make a crisp sound if you folded it, is an unforgettable image that has lingered in my mind since."

True to her passion, the South Korean designer never forgets to include a white shirt in most of her collections. She acknowledges how the color can elevate feminine beauty.  "One year, I designed a shirt with the neckline dipping low in the back in order to reveal the smallness and bumpiness of one's neck bones and shoulder lines, as I heard many find those features attractive," she explained.

However, it is not just her love for white designs and other colorful garments that have made Jinteok very popular and always in demand. The 83-year-old designer is also known for creating tastefully simple black and white designs in recent years.

Teok's "Anthology: Jin Teok, Creation of 50 Years" was arranged according to different themes: earth, night, star, blood, quiet, girl, dawn, air, dew and breeze. These were all artfully printed  in a fashion book according to the ten themes. 

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